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Plug-In EVs Without The Plug

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The video is in German but the video itself is quiet descriptive.

Two years ago, The Guardian found a strange barrier for the acceptance of EVs: Iugophobia, or the fear of plugging in. “Consumer research revealed that 61 percent of potential electric car customers were most worried about the inconvenience of recharging.” As an answer, connectorless inductive charging has been developed both in Japan and in Germany. The same electromagnetic field technology used to charge an electric toothbrush can charge an EV in a special parking bay without the need for wires. The Germans, usually not overly excited about EVs, did what they do best: They created a standard for inductive charging.
The standard, developed by the German VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik) has been accepted by most German car manufacturers. The German de facto standard now is on its way to becoming an international norm, says Automobilwoche [sub]. Latest in 2015, the standard is supposed to be internationally accepted.
The system works like a transformer: A coil in the surface establishes a field with a coil in the car, the battery charges. According ton the Guardian, “a series of plates laid into the surface of designated electric vehicle lanes on our roads and motorways” could theoretically enable charging in motion. Very theoretically. Even stationary inductive charging is less efficient than using a plug.

Cordless charging is one of the greatest ideas! It would work extremely well if it were bundled together with the streets, and creating a magnetic charging pod in the road itself. Charging as it runs means unlimited MPG rating! During shot trips.
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great idea, it just makes charging your EV that much more easier, forget all the wires and plugs. I'm just concern if things go wrong with, after all it is electricity and radiation waves coming from that if things go wrong might be likley. lets just hope there is little or no hazard from this.

What would be a great idea of they could off this on the roads, like they do with street cars and etc, it would work amazingly!

Endless driving due to constant driving within he city and certain area's where traffic is extremely heavy and such. Its a great idea just cant wait till it actually falls into play.
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