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P3190 code with FF data (weak engine)

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My wife's 2005 Prius started revving rather high about 6 months ago. Then yesterday while parked for a while with the engine running, it generated a check engine light. The diagnostic computer kicked out code P3190 which is generated when there is weak power at the engine. From what I have read it can be generated by many things, such as air intake, fuel pump, etc. Does anyone know how to read the following data and be able to identify anything that would indicate the problem? Thank you in advance.

Freeze frame data:
Fuel sys 1 CL
Fuel sys 2 NA
Calc Load (%) 30.20
ºC) 61
STFT B1(%) 20.31
LTFT B1(%) 0.78
Eng RPM 1268
Veh Speed (km/h) 0
Spark Adv(º) 15.0
IAT(ºC) 36
MAF (g/s) 5.57
TPS(%) 17.65
O2S B1 S2(V) 0.04
STFT B1 S2(%) 99.22
Run Time (sec) 858
Lambda B1 S1 1.23
O2S B1 S1(V) 5.00
Command EVAP(%) 0
Warm-up DTC Clr 255
Clr Dist 31574
EVAP_VP(Pa) 62.00
BAR0(Kpa) 101.00
CAT Te 11(ºC) 376
CAT Te 12(ºC) 272
ECU Volts (V) 13.94
Ambient (C) 17

ACC Pedal D(%) 0.00
ACC Pedal E(%) 0.00
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I hope someone on here can help with that......but the odds aren't too great as I don't think we have many (any?) really expert mechanics present.

If you haven't already, please test the 12 V battery and consider changing it out if it's over 5 years old, or tests bad of course.
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