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As I've mentioned before, my daughter inherited a 2005 Prius a couple years ago. She drove the car back from Florida and has been rather pleased with it.

I was baffled by the wheels. One was a nice spoked alloy and the other three looked like they had hubcaps so I assumed that they were steel wheels. Why one was different confused me because my father in law was an engineer who was meticulous about automotive maintenance. Unfortunately, I couldn't ask him because his passing was why my daughter was getting the car.

Anyway, we lived with this odd set up for a couple year until yesterday. I was headed to the junk yard to get some parts and I figured that I'd look at the Priuses and see if I could complete the set of wheels. I went to take a photo of the alloy wheel for reference and then for the first time, I looked really closely at the wheels.

I realized that they were alloy wheels with a partial cover that ran around the rim. So there were four alloy wheels all along.

Why on earth would they make a partial cover for alloy wheels?
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