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Hi everyone, just to introduce I am from Hong Kong and have owned a NWH20 for almost 12 years with 150K miles (250K Km) under my belt. I also have driven the Prius 3rd and 4th generation from rental but have to say NWH20 maybe the best prius ever (for Hong Kong) with the reason below

- Best interior space. NWH20 has the biggest interior amount the 3 and the longest leg room at the back
- 1.5L engine, which is good for urban and has the lowest license cost in Hong Konh
- Lowest operation cost : I have change my the main battery 1 time, change the air condition (mainly my dogs's issue as their hair were trapped on the air con system and blocked 60% of the air also causing rust), a set of suspension, brakes,oil, fluid and tires. All are reasonably priced. I understand the maintenance cost for 3rd and 4th generation are much higher.
- No center column - Personally I like bench seat as my dogs and use the space. 2nd generation has no center column so it allows my dogs walk thru. To be honest, the 3rd generation is just a meaningless plastic.
- Fuel: I have other newer cars also but honestly nothing beats the the Prius in terms of payload vs fuel consumption. It is even better than my scooter.

The only downside I can say is the seat support, it can be more firm.

Why not share how you like your Prius?
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