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Newbie here

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I've recently come across YouTube videos showcasing the 2023 Toyota Prius Plug-in Prime, which has caught my interest as a potential second family car. I'm curious about the possibility of installing a hitch for a bike rack. The combined weight of our two bikes n is approximately 90 lbs.

My wife and I are planning to retire next year, and we look forward to embarking on extensive bike rides throughout the United States, exploring the numerous rails-to-trails bike routes. We will start with the Katy Trail, which spans across Missouri. In such scenarios, using the new Prius would be an ideal choice.

Currently, we own a 2021 Telluride (S trim); however, it proves to be rather fuel-inefficient for just the two of us, averaging only around 24 mpg on the highway.

I'd appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have.
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A couple or thoughts.......maybe worth little to nothing.

The plug-in feature might not be very useful as you explore areas with bike trails.
But plug-in stations are becoming more common as time goes on.

Then......back at home, it most of your usage will be short trips that can be done on electric only,
you still need to use up the gas in the tank every 6 months or so to prevent fuel problems.
Since no official hitch options are available for the prime. A roof rack will be a good choice
Since no official hitch options are available for the prime. A roof rack will be a good choice
I take exception with the word "will". :)

I think "might" would be more appropriate.
Not sure that I EVER could be comfortable carrying bikes on the roof........of anything.

Then......are you saying that Toyota recommends AGAINST pulling a trailer with a Prime no matter how small and light it is ??
If so, I wonder what the reason IS. Why would it be any different than the other Prius models ??
i accept your exception but dont have that idea myself.

have carried bikes on the roof for more than 15 years ( on prius of many gen )

Yes toyota is against towing with a prime. The batterys get in the way of the sub frame
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