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I have owned a 2002 Prius for about 4 years now. Has been the greatest car I have owned for some time now (gas mileage is phenomenal!). I haven't had a lot of issues until now (dead in driveway). I had to replace the rear hub on the drivers side, which kept getting louder and louder. That was an easy fix, then problems with the starter battery, no big deal (switched to an Optima D51r). Now the battery issue is fixed but when I try to drive it, it sounds like the tranny is disconnected or something and is making a lot of noise trying to accelerate and deccelerate. I can't drive it over a couple miles an hour with a lot of noise and the car killing. That's why I joined this forum. I have searched the web were fixya just tells them to go to the dealer. I want to fixya myself, not pay a sight to tell me to go to the dealer. Anyway, just hoping someone else has had this problem and can tell me what they found. Thanks for any help.
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