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Hello all

We bought our first Toyota, and am shocked to say, it is a Prius! Never dreamed i would own "one of those" cars! We were 18 year 4 time Honda owner / fans until we bought a new 2010 Accord, which we had to sell due to believe it or not, multiple problems. So we made bad, worse, and bought a new 2013 Dodge Dart 1.4L turbo, which after 14 visits to the repair shop, in 15 months of ownership, we lemon lawed it! My wife wanted a "hatch back", and I wanted good MPG as we live in an area that has the highest gasoline prices in the continental USA, San Luis Obispo County, CA., so we bought the Prius! We so far, think the Prius is GREAT, and a big surprise, as it was only about $1500.00 above the Mazda 3 and Hyundai Elantra GT prices that we were looking at. It should not take long to make that extra price up in gas savings. Only hope our Toy holds together as well as the ratings, and as well as so many say they do...
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