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Gen II 2009 Prius, Base model with Keyless entry and JBL sound system
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Hey there

So about a month ago (late january 2022), I was going insane because I was putting $125-130 of gas every week (around 500 km)

So I started searching for an alternative

I did had to step on some of my usual criteria for choosing a ''new'' car
But at $130 a week, it wasn't that hard

One of my criteria was some amount of confort for my #280 and 6' 2''
Another one was fuel economy
And lastly, price

I had tried a prius in 2010, and has found that I coud fit in a relative ease and confort in the II gen prius

So I went on the net to search a prius

Having done some previous check, I opted for a late 2009, figuring that this last year on production for that generation had most of the flaw ironed out

Now, I was pretty surprise of the price hike of used car

So I paid $10500 for a 121k km, witch is quite alot of money for a 13 years old car, but have to admit that it is in pristine condition

Now, that was a month+ ago, and now price of gas has surge like crazy, from $1.45 per liter to and unseen $2.22 as of this morning (crazy mf thief)

I'm here to find answer to things I know nothing about this car

Thank's for your attention and have a nice day !


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I'm here to find answer to things I know nothing about this car
Not all questions have a good answer but fire away.

ANY vehicle that is 13 years old would be expected to have some additional maintenance costs.
For a hybrid it often is even worse.......because the hybrid battery often fails around that time and the replacement cost for that is upwards of $3000 US.

I wish you luck.
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