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You've probably noticed that most of premium sedans from BMW, Audi, Lexus, Cadillac etc. are equipped with sharp looking LED lights, but unfortunately there was no way to get a Prius C with such lights UNTILL NOW!
Recently we started to sell Custom LED tail lights for Prius C 2012-2014(Up)!

LED is a new industry standard because these lights are much more energy efficient, long lasting and safe. When you press the brake pedal they light up faster in compare to conventional lights, which is very important for a driver behind you as it may prevent an accident.

But the most important fact - they look absolutely awesome.
Replace your boring monochromatic tail lights with these bolt-on LED Tail Lights, and give your vehicle an exclusive look like nothing else on the road. The interesting detail is just visible beyond the lens, and the bright LEDs will upgrade your lighting and increase your safety. Meets all federal regulations for highway use.

- Bright LEDs will make your vehicle more conspicuous.
- Designed to be an exact replacement for your OE lights to save-up your time and effort.
- Thoroughly tested to ensure operation and completely sealed to prevent moisture from being trapped inside.
- Meets ISO 9000 and 9002 quality standards. Approved by the SAE. Meets DOT regulations and compliant with FMVSS 108.

We have them in 5 color options for any taste!

Spyder® - Chrome Light Bar Style LED Tail Lights

Spyder® - Smoke Light Bar Style LED Tail Lights

Spyder® - Black Light Bar Style LED Tail Lights

Spyder® - Red/Clear Light Bar Style LED Tail Lights

Spyder® - Red/Smoke Light Bar Style LED Tail Lights

They are good in stock and ready to be shipped, check out what would it cost you to get such set and other details here: 2012 Toyota Prius Tail Lights at

What do you think: which color option would be the best for your Prius?


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