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new prius owners

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hey there everyone nice to be here, my wife and i just got our brand new 2011 prius 11 base, gold mist / biege, so far we love it, we traded in our 05 granprix, as a down payment, on the first trip home with the car we got 47.3 mpg on a 18 miles trip, not bad we will do better once we both learn more on the hows and weres, and surprised on how much room is inside this car , and very comfy, so far so good
we did sign up for the prius plugin for the 2012, we will see if we get a call on it next year. hopefully we will, it almost seems that the price on a 1 year old prius with low miles sells for just about retail, at least in my area of newyork
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Hey welcome! Congrats on picking up a 2011 Prius, i never heard negative reviews from buyers on the Prius, everyone seems to really love them. When I hear such positive feedback like that it pushes me more to get my own Prius lol. I was also shocked at the interior space. When i saw them as cabs i thought "what a bad choice for a cab, it's a small car". But after checking one out it's really has a lot of space, just looks small from the outside.

When did you pick up the 2011 prius?
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