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Hi, My wife and i bought our first Prius last Saturday. We got a 3rd gen Prius 5 with the nav package. It is the Winter Grey Metallic .

I traded in a 04 Volvo XV90 that i was getting about 10 mpg in town in I Have to say i LOVED my Volvo but that gas mileage was killing me

One thing i really like is the room in this car. I am 6'4'' and about 300 and i have plenty of room in it. The rear widow is going to take some getting used to the Volvo had a big rear window and looking thru the rear view mirror you saw everything . This window on the Prius is rather small in comparison

I decided on the 5 because i Definitely wanted Leather with heated seats but most of all the 17'' wheels look sooooo much better IMO

The touch screen is also very cool

i'll be back with more later need to go drive lol i dont even have 200 miles on it yet
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