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Hi. I'm glad there's a place to go, because I'm having a little buyer's remorse. I think things will turn out okay, but not good for the first day. On the way home, after about 20 minutes, many warning lights came on pertaining to the brakes, ABS, (!), VSC. Then I read the fine print on the mini tune up that was just done..

"Code C1256 Brake accumulator pressure low, ABS pump runs excessively. Rear struts worn, leaking. Rear brakes approx 10% remaining. Front inner fender liners damaged. Right headlight flickers for about 20 seconds when first turned on."

So I guess you can see my chagrin... Just another wad of cash before I get to drive a safe car. I really didn't do my research, but trusted the seller. My bad. I guess every "new" old car has some secrets. Now to either DIY or find a dealer or mechanic who won't take me for a ride.

So, hi everybody, so nice to be here. Wish it was under the best of circumstances; but I've learned a lot in other forums for other vehicles, so hopefully I'll learn a lot here as well.
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