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Hi just joined the forum and am getting used to the new car love it so far but i have a question I was told that putting high grip tires on car like snow tires will greatly reduce the miles per gallon i have put snows on my other cas and have not noticed a dramatic change in milage

so what do the members here think about milage and snow tires

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This member thinks that you should not obsess over gas mileage.
A whole TON of things affects it, some you have control over and many that you don't.

Since snow tires are generally not "low rolling resistance" design, they typically will reduce your mileage just a tad. Just driving in COLD weather does too.

But if snows are really needed in your area, don't worry about it. The difference is slight and the extra cost is MUCH less that having a tow truck come pull you out of a ditch......or worse.
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