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Hi, my name is Gary and I'm an alcoholic... oops, wrong forum! jk!

This past Monday my wife and I had the day off. So on a whim we thought we'd look at the Prius to see if it's viable for us. The X3 doesn't get great gas mileage, as you'd guess from an older SUV. And the Yaris is fuel efficient but just too small to take two kids on long trips with.

Long story short, what was initially a fact finding mission turned out to be the day we traded in our 2007 Yaris and bought our very first Prius! We now have a pearl white 2014 Prius 4 with the fancy shmancy solar sunroof. Although I may remove the fugly hubcaps! I like the black wheels.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I hope to learn a lot more about the car on this forum! :)
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