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Just bought this on Saturday. It replaced our 2003 Honda Accord V6 that was recently in an accident. We were looking for a replacement for it and came to our senses for a very economical vehicle.
It's either I sell my Truck for another comparable family/utility or keep it and find an Gen2. I love my truck for all the right reasons not to sell it. I also have a SPEC Miata. The Odyssey is the SHAGGIN' wagon and keepin' that too.

I'm a veteran on alot of other forums for my other vehicles. I look forward to helping posting out with my future mods/upgrades, or might need help searching for stuff that i know nothing about this Prius.

2008 Prius Touring @ 86K miles Package 6 Silver with Grey Leather interior, All options on this car. Bought this car Saturday and already put 450 miles and so far so good. I'm a heavy foot driver and was getting avg 41mpg, I have an oil change appt today. Getting windows tinted on Thursday. Then Weathertechs floor liners, then some lowering springs, K&N filter not really for performance but since it has to be changed might as well, etc. Is there any other forum boards besides this that are good as this place?

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