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I brought home my 2014 Prius 3 Saturday, it's Barcelona red with the charcoal grey inside. I traded in my 06 Honda Civic hybrid, already I'm noticing the differences between the two systems. I live on eastern long Island, and enjoy the use of the HOV lane, my mother lives in Queens. Two questions: How do I save addresses in the GPS? I'm sure there's a way, my salesman was nice, but for sure he doesn't know the Prius well, the navigation voice was set on the lowest volume, it took me reading the manual to adjust. 0:)he also forgot to tell me how to lock the car, aren't manuals great! Were you given a separate manual for the Navigation? I looked mine up on line because I wasn't given paper manual?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on saving addresses.
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I don't think there is a way to "build an address book" in the NAV unit but it will "remember" destinations that you enter to use again in the future.

I'd have to do some reading to find out for sure.
Maybe others will know.
Welcome to the site, hope you have a good time here as we grow.

Easy rider, thanks for the reply! I wanted to put in some addresses that I would like names next to, like I use to with my Garmin GPS.

Jeff, thanks!
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