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f your vehicle was not equipped with them or your existing fog lights are cracked - this is good solution!
Smoke tint looks more stylish than a stock clear light.

The lights are made by Spyder - one of the best manufacturers of automotive lighting.

See what would it cost you to get a pair of those: Toyota Prius Fog Lights & Driving Lamps -

- They come with all mounting brackets and hardware.
- Designed to fit in your stock bumper.
- Do not require modifications.
- Light is directed downward toward the road instead for better vision in fog.
- Meets ISO 9000 and 9002 quality standards. Approved by the SAE. Meets DOT regulations and compliant with FMVSS 108.

Spyder® - Smoke OEM Fog Lights

Sold in pairs!
Price is few times lower than at a Dealership!

Do you agree that driving with fog lights is more safe?
And more stylish:)
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