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Ok, I bought an 01 gen I today for $500. The previous owner was driving down the road and it just died, and he took it to Toyota and they diagnosed it at as an inverter failure. I pulled the P3125 code which indicates this also. So first, is this most likely the inverter? I was thinking about pulling the fuse on the drive battery and going through all of the connections to make sure there wasn't something just corroded. The car will not turn over. The 12 volt battery is toast, but I put in a good 12 volt standard battery and it still will not turn over. It does show the death triangle on the dash. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? How do I know if the hybrid battery is dead or not? If the inverter is not charging, does the draw on the battery shut down? Anyone that has put in a used inverter from Ebay; did you have good luck with that?

Thank you for any input

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YOu should have asked the dealer those questions while they had it.
Now might not be too late.

As long as the computer KNOWS the inverter is bad, it may not care whether or not the 12V battery has a good charge or not.
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