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My third Prius

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Bought my first Prius in May, 2001. I liked it, but was invited to the roll-out in Detroit of the 2004 in the fall of 2003, and bought one in May 2004. More room, fold-down back seat, etc., sucked me in. I traded for an end-of-year five model 2013 in late December 2013. The 2004 had 277, 400+ miles on it, and had probably less than $1000 in repairs. :laugh: That would have been more, but I tolerated having the check-engine light on for about 187,000 miles because I refused to replace the catalytic convertor for $2400 or so. :eek:
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You got lucky for a failing CAT often plugs up to the point that the engine won't even run anymore.

And you are also lucky that the place you live doesn't require periodic inspections.
In a few places around the country you couldn't have gotten away with that.
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