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My Prius C Review [VIDEO] -- and questions for veteran owners!

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Hey guys,

Recently I drove a Prius C for a couple weeks to complete my video review below. I quite like it! Makes a lot of sense to me as an efficient, affordable daily driver with good cargo room.

So much so that I am considering one for myself to drive daily in the city and to haul around my camera gear.

Some questions for the veteran owners:

- Is 41mpg typical? That's all I got on my first tank and while it's very good, it seems a little short of what a hybrid should get. I did exercise the throttle generously... but with this modest amount of power I kind of had to.

- What is long term ownership cost like? Yes, you save fuel in the short term but with the extra electronics and especially the battery... do you worry about the long term battery and electronic replacement cost? Wouldn't those outweigh the savings from the fuel? Any high mileage owners out here?

- Is this your only vehicle... if not... what do you drive alongside the Prius? I'm mostly just curious about this one as I assume those who frequent forums are enthusiasts.

Anyway, onward with the review!


My video review:

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