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Modifed Prius Picture Thread!!!

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Here is some modified Prius for inspiration, to pimp out your Prius!

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Im loving the black Prius the stance and look on that car is just stunning!

get more shots of the car!
The first slammed Prius on those aftermarket wheels look soooo sick. He must be on air bags to drive like that, i dont know how anyone can drive on american roads and not damage or break something.
The orange one is just ugly beyond ugly!

As for the Tommy version... its very very very, boy to Japanese people know how to style a car.
This Prius by TommyKaira is AMAZING. Same goes for the rest of their cars in the video below

It's wicked Tommy Kaira modified a Prius, probably pricey for them especially for people in America.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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