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Face it. You usually purchase a truck because you want power in your vehicle – the power to haul, tow, off-road, and more. You also like the rugged feel of a new or used Toyota truck. There’s just something about it that’s the perfect blend between stylish outer looks and superb performance. But if you’ve also got a family to tote around, you’ll want to pay attention to features that make a truck more convenient for family travel. Here are three:

A crew cab. Though the names differ by manufacturer, there are different types of cabs on a truck that range from a regular cab – featuring just two seats up front with maybe a jump seat in the middle – to a crew cab, which seats up to five passengers. A crew cab usually comes with four doors, which makes accessing the backseat much easier whether you’re strapping in a baby or helping your other kids crawl in back.
GPS or Toyota’s Entune system. When you’re running behind – thanks, kids! – and unsure of where you’re going, a built-in mapping system can do wonders to calm your nerves. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can take the technology one step farther with Entune. Simply look up what you need to know on your phone, and then sync your phone to your new or used Toyota. What’s on your phone screen will display in a convenient location on the dash, making your life that much easier – even if the kids are screaming in the backseat.
Extra safety features. When you have a family, safety is always the number one priority with any vehicle. New and used Toyota trucks come equipped with a number of safety features to bring you the peace of mind you crave. If your model doesn’t have them already, look into adding on as many features as possible, including a back-up camera, a LATCH system for child car seats, a tire pressure monitor system, front and rear parking assist sonar, a trailer-sway control system, and more.
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