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Looking to get lightweight wheels 2016 Prius Eco

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I'm looking to new wheels 17 or 18. Any suggestions? I want it to look good and get better gas mileage worse gas mileage is not a option. I've been seeing wheels that weigh more than the factory wheels but with less tire not sure if it would weigh less with the tire. Any help would be appreciated.
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Going from 16 inch to 17 or 18 will probably mean that the same tire width won't be available for the wheel new dimension

So you will have to enlarge the width, hence putting more rolling resistance on you car, hence worst gas milage

And like Easy Rider wrote, that move will upset your wallet twice, once for the purchase of those nice ($1000) and shinny wheell and worst gas milage

Not worth the trouble imho

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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