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Every car attracts its own unique enthusiasts and this includes hybrids like the Prius.People who want to change the car's styling, handling and interior with simple modifications can now do so to their hybrid thanks to Juiced Hybrids.

The company was founded in 2008 by auto enthusiast and career entrepreneur, Paul Goldman. The California resident and amateur racer found his second-generation Prius lacking. He was unhappy with the appearance and the handling.

Unable to locate any performance parts he contacted a racing team who helped him engineer some chassis bracing for added structural rigidity. He also added a body kit and some larger wheels. From there, Goldman formed his company.

The Tsunami in Japan along with the recalls for Toyota forced Goldman to expand his product line to cater to Honda hybrids as well as other manufacturers.

Juiced Hybrids not only sells performance and cosmetic pieces but also green equipment to allow for improved fuel economy.

Most of the performance parts come from Europe in Japan where these cars have a larger following. They may even make your car competitive at the next track day!

For more info check out Juicehybrid or Automobile
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