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Jean Reno Tells Guys to Buy Prius c to Prevent Losing Dates to Men in FJ Cruisers

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Young people's lack of interest in cars is a worldwide issue. Toyota has created a series of ads to adress the issue in Japan. Featuring an FJ Cruiser and Prius c, they reference the long-running, anime program, Doraemon. They all focus on the theme of if you are a guy without a car, you cannot get a girl.

Jean Reno plays the title role of the blue, robotic cat who is always helping his friend, Nobita. Nobita who is somewhat shy and nerdy is drawn to a Prius C, which attracts the unwanted girl, Jaiko. Logically, the bolder, more fashionable and outgoing, Suneo is able to pick up Nobita's crush Shizuka with his yellow, FJ Cruiser.

Toyota is going off of the common desire in young men to get a pretty girlfriend. Of course with young women, bold vehicles like the FJ, trounce the practical Prius c in getting the so-called "hotties".

For the rest of the story and video, head over to The Truth About Cars
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