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Building a reputation for fuel efficient cars over the past few years, Hyundai is looking to solidify itself as a leader by introducing a rival to the Toyota Prius.

Hyundai first indicated it would take on the Prius when it unveiled the Blue-Will concept two years ago. Powered by a 152-hp 1.6-liter direct-injection engine and 100 kW electric motor, the concept car was touted to achieve as much as 106-mpg when operating as a plug-in hybrid, while still achieving 50 to 55-mpg once the gasoline engine was engaged to power the wheels as well.

In addition to this 40+ mpg car, Hyundai has hinted it will also introduce one more 40-mpg car in the near future – thought to be the Elantra Coupe or Touring.

More: Hyundai Blue-Will Headed to Production as Prius Rival on

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Even though we have cars that can rival the Prius in every way, it makes me wonder what makes these 40MPG hybrid cars so valuable, when we can get none hybrid for a cheaper price with roughly the same MPG rating.

None the less it good to see more and more car companies making the switch to hybrid or EV's as it will be the future of our cars.
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