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So this Prius is for sale for quite a cheap price. But I'm wondering is it worth the hassle and the problems. I should be going to check the car out this Saturday. So I'm thinking is this a good idea? What are the main problems for this?

I called the guy and he told me that it's a hybrid system failure. Can't exactly trust him as he doesn't seem knowledgeable... He did put in 4k into the car for bodywork...
2012 Toyota Prius got a hybrid system failure after a crash what would the problem of this be? Car won't start either.

"i imporeted this car from uk i used it as a taxi, i had an accident so they replace the front sterring racks, front wings, pumper, and pianted from silver to white only out side, but now it wont change the gear i think it need to replace suspension so i do not have money, i be happy if any onewill buy it let it take it on his cost to toyota service and they give you an estimation.

but i think first need suspenstion to be replaced as it is bend.

i am selling it as it is so it is up to you if you can checked here in my place i have jack to rised or you take it to toyota service on your cost.

but toyota told me it need the suspension to be replaced by body shop before we work on it and they say it may not be the problem of gear box that is all i know otherwise its great car."

"No warranty as it was crashed"

Is there much difference between the dealer diagnostic tools compared to ones that ordinary mechanics use?

About 80% sure it's a inverter coolant radiator failure.


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Big gamble. HUGE.
This vehicle might end up costing you a LOT more than a similar one that runs good and has never been wrecked.
I would not consider it for a second; I would not recommend it to anyone else who is not pretty close to being a hybrid expert either.
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