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How auto dealers scam customers with inflated loans - has this happened to you?

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Heres a huge write up on Jalopnik about how auto dealers always scam customers, and it does happen pretty often safe to say. Though most dealers in Canada must say that the car has been in an accident, but always in the repair report it never says were it was in an accident or not.

But the story is way different in the US, where reputable BIG dealers, ie one mentioned in the Jalopnik Article, Blue Springs Ford, are even scamming people and selling them wrecked vehicles with the wrong info, on Paper!

Heres just one story of the many stories that happen in the US and to many unsuspecting people, who just want to buy a decent car for a decent price!

He found creative ways to finance a 12.25 percent loan in 2007 despite Moses' lousy credit rating. But for some reason he limited her choice to only two cars on the lot. She fell in love with a sleek, new Hyundai Elantra, despite her father's warning that the car looked a little askew.
On a trip to Dallas two months later, Moses lost control of the Elantra as she veered to avoid a car swerving into her lane. When a mechanic suspended the car on the rack, he immediately spotted rusted damage from an earlier wreck.
Punching the car's ID into the computer turned up a previous owner from Georgia, according to an interview with Moses and court documents. She learned through court proceedings that the dealer, Automax Hyundai South, routinely got duplicate "certificates of origin" from the automaker to sell used cars as new

Who would of known that auto dealer major ones, not just your shady used car dealer ship has these horrible cars, and are more than willing to sell them to you.

Full article below.!5791211/how-auto-dealers-scam-customers-with-inflated-loans
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Can't believe how they can just defraud people like that it's horrible and it sucks, worst of all it won't stop. The economy is hurting and getting worse so people will be always hungry for money and looking for quick ways like in the article. Best thing to do is educate yourself on it before you buy! If you can spot the lemon, awesome. If not, well you just got sucked into the scam.

Has anyone experienced this or know of someone that did?

I agree they fraud the living crap out of people,and they will have to pay in the end. They ran this scam for a while until someone actually had the brains and will power to sue them, and the fear the"big auto dealer" So in the end that this bullCrap! doesn't happen all the time. I honestly hate used car sales dudes.. they just are all crooks!
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