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help on buying a used prius

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I am in the market to search for a used prius. I have done lots of research on the prius but i want to ask all of you for help?

What should i look for when going to a dealer? do miles really matter?

also a dealer told me that a typical mechanic will not be able to properly do an inspection on a prius and that i should go to a toyota mechanic where they have "certified hybrid mechanics". Is that true? or is he just playing his sales game.

I have also heard some myths about the hybrid battery... how long does it actually last?

any tips and advice you can give to me, i will be eternally greatful
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Hey dear the only question I have on this is, is it worth a car that has 105K miles on it? That's questionable though. Do you need a car with a half life? Or do you want a brand spanking new car that's another $9K?
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