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SO...I'm sure you all learned real quick just how low the front bumper is, and how it scrapes curbs when parking since you have no idea just where the front of the car is! Anyway, mine has scraped little by little over time, and last week, but bottom part of the bumper fell while I was on the freeway! It was still attached at the back, but scooping gravel into the wind shield. I've got it tied up with baling wire right now. I had it in at the dealership the other day for an oil change and inquired about the cost of fixing it. New part & repair, around $400:eek:
If I had the part (mine is all mangled) I could probably fix it myself. They guy in service called it a skid plate, but if I look that up, U get the underbelly skid plate (yes I tried front bumper skid plate). Does anybody know the proper name of that part? It's the BOTTOM of the front bumper, the black plastic thing that hovers over the road, so to speak. THANKS!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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