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First time Prius owner and new to the forums!

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Hello all!

First time Prius owner and new to the forums. Recently traded in my moderately modified 2006 Matrix for a 2009 Prius base package 2, gold/tan in color. Still trying to figure out what came on each "package" level.

Just got done installing a stiffening brace, OEM rear bumper protector & trailer hitch. I have WeatherTech vent visors, OEM mud guards, nav cap, and some more led lights on the way.

I am trying to understand the "instant MPG" readout, if I understand, it can take 3 tank full's to be accurate? I am floating at only 34 mpg at the moment, between two fill-ups. Is this monitor accurate, or is there a better way of gauging MPG's?

First fill-up took around 7 gallons, second around 6.5 or so. I do know about the bladder tank and am getting used to that.

Past that, I am enjoying being a Prius owner, well besides the yahoos that cant understand a Prius isn't a 4 second 0-60 car... I know I'll get used to the people that tailgate me like crazy right now since I don't floor it or because I coast to a stop.

- Justin
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