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Final destination problem with map EUH20130409

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Hello everyone,

I installed the last update of the map EUH20130409 last weekend and everything went very well.

I was travelling to Normandy from Bordeaux, so I had time to do so. Once the update has been completed, I entered my final destination and i arrived well.

The next day, when i wanted to return back to Bordeaux, I entered my home adress and i noticed on my Touch and Go, 150km had been added to my journey. I looked more closely at the map on the screen and even if the "finish" flag was pointed to Bordeaux , the blue road finished at 100km east of Bordeaux ...

I tested it with other destinations and the problem did not occur each time.

Have you ever experienced this problem?

If you have the same map EUH20130409, please can you enter Bordeaux France as your final destination and let me know the outcome?

Thank You!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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