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Got my first Prius after several years of curiosity. Picked it up this Sunday. Little background. Been riding motorcycles to commute every day for the past decade. Love it, great, fun, blah blah blah but i live in South Florida where "when it rains it pours". Got tired of getting soaked on my way to/from work and started looking for a good deal on something used.

My budget was very low, under $12K, but I wanted to a Gen 3 Prius, not a 2. All I could find where 2010 models not taken care of at all. I'm fine with high miles but considering the condition of most models I found I would not trust these cars for another 10K miles.

Finally found a deal, clean silver 2010, almost looks new. Close inspection inside/outside, undercarriage, links, boots, seams, just about everywhere I know there may be problems I found none. All looks good so I purchased my first Prius with 116,000 miles on the clock. So far so good. Monday, first day using a car to commute I got 54.5 mpg average, Today so far 48mpg. Anything over 42 works for me consider that is what I was getting on 2 wheels.

So far so good.
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