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I have a JDC 2014 Prius PHV (ZVW35) trim level G with factory nav with no JBL. I have replaced the factory stereo and I'm going through the process of adding a iDatalink Maestro RR with a JVC head unit (nightmare due to non North American wiring). I have found out that the reverse camera has been replaced with an aftermarket unit (I assume 12V) but I would like to replace it with a factory camera. The car has the 360° birds eye view system.

I used a JDC parts supplier website to lookup the part, but the camera PN that it comes up looks like it will not fit the bolt pattern that is on the car (it shows the MK3 camera PN 86790-47040). The car has the white square connector for the camera like the MK2 (not the black square one with radiused corners), but the current camera is mounted with two holes about 1 inch apart (picture). Maybe they have been added. The MK2 camera (86790-47020) hole pattern is too wide to match up with what I see. I see some after market one look like they fit in the hatch trim cutout for the camera (maybe that is a clue).

Does anyone know the PN I should be looking for or a resource to find it?

Thank you!

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