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When I took delivery of my 2013 Prius 3 (mfg'd in Nov 2012), my first navigation experience told me that my GPS map was old. A new extension in NJ, open for at least 2 years, was not on my system. I searched until I found some, under System Information, that told me:

Software Version: 2.1.0
Nav ID: NQNA2010Q4

I'm assuming from the Nav ID that I have is North America (NA) maps from the 4th quarter of 2010 (20104Q). I believe it because every map service I'm aware of (TomTom, Garmin) get updates every quarter and that road was not on mine. I was disappointed to find that my late 2012/2013 Prius was loaded with such an old map (approx. 3 years). I called my local dealer and the Parts folks told me that it would cost $170 to update my maps - totally unacceptable.

I then called the Toyota Experience phone and spoke with someone who checked into this and said that because I have Software Version 2.1.0, that was valid at the time the car was built. I told him I thought the map ID was not tied to the Software Version, but he told me that was not true.

Here's what I'm hoping to get from this forum:

1. Am I reading the map data correctly (20104Q = 4th quarter 2010)?
2. If I was preloaded with old map data, shouldn't I get a current update valid at delivery for free?
3. If not, why not?

I'm wildly happen about our new car and have no complaints other than this. Thank for taking the time to consider my questions.
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