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I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY ASSISTANCE! :) I have a 07 with 71,000. The car has been running great. Today I left the house and drove less than a mile and I felt a nudge like when the engine shuts down at a traffic light. As I approached an intersection, the engine went off and the red triangle appeared along with a few other lights. I turned around and drove home. I was driving totally on battery power as the engine did not engage. When I got home I shut the car down and restarted it. The engine came on for approximately 7 seconds and then went off. Any time I start the car now, the engine "does start" but it then shuts down after about 7 seconds. I checked the 12v battery with a battery tester said it was in good condition but it needed a charge as it was at 48%. I recharged the 12v battery and then turned on the car. All the warning lights were off and the car seemed to run normally. As I backed out of the garage, the engine shut down again and the triangle and the other lights appeared. I used Dr. Prius app which showed my hybrid battery at 30% charged. NOTE; I did a Dr. Prius battery test a month ago and the test came back in "new condition at 93%." My code reader showed code P3190 & P3191. It is a cheap code reader so my guess is there may be more codes stored. This issue came out of nowhere. The car was filled with gas two days ago and I drove it without an issue.


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