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Electric Toyota iQ Caught Testing in China

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Toyota sells the iQ city car/super-mini in North America as a Scion. We already knew an electric version is on the way, and in limited numbers. It was thought that none were going to China but why was one just caught undergoing testing there?

You can tell the EV from the gas model by the two-tone paint job, a smooth grille, unique wheel-covers, and some EV badges. The electric model should have a range of 45 to 60 miles. Toyota does not sell the gas-powered iQ in China. Maybe they are considering bringing some over from Japan. Toyota has earmarked 400 of the cars for the JDM market, 100 for Europe and 100 for the US. The US cars will only go to car-share fleets. So if you were hoping to buy one, too bad.

[Source: Car News China]
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