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Diamond-Studded Ferrari Book Gets Exotic Car Price Tag

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The base price of a new Ferrari 458 Italia is $225,325. But just think—for only $49,675 more, you could own Ferrari’s latest and greatest product: The Official Ferrari Opus, a book detailing Ferrari’s past and present, limited to 400 copies, and one book per country.

There’s the Enzo edition, limited to 400 copies and available in a carbon-fiber case and “personally signed by all living Ferrari world champions on an individually numbered, silver-foiled signature sheet,” for only $37,500. There’s the Cavallino Rampante edition, which is merely autographed by Ferrari senior management, for $7,000. And for retiree grandmothers looking to get their beloved nephews that special stocking stuffer, the Classic edition starts at only $4,100, limited to—unsurprisingly enough, given Ferrari’s enthusiasm for exclusivity—4,100 copies.

That is one expensive ass book... i dont know who in their right mind would want one of these books in the first place... but thanks for the tip autoguide!

Diamond-Studded Ferrari Book Gets Exotic Car Price Tag | News
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This possibly might be one of the biggest waste of money...l but if you can afford it ig ot nothing to say.

Just proves to show how fat your wallet is and how much you love Ferrari.. what can i say. People these days with stupid creations.
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