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Hello everyone! Please welcome new exciting release from Rixxu - Glo Series Seat Covers. You might think what else can they offer? Well, this time their seat covers along with primary protection function can light up your interior with bright and colorful LED lights and bust into party mode at a moment’s notice!

Constructed from long-lasting, breathable polyester fabric with tough PVC edging and LED lights around the perimeter, Rixxu Glo Series Seat Covers can illuminate in an array of colors and patterns that you control with the included wireless remote. They are easy to install and include top-quality hardware designed to endure daily use and abuse and serve you for many years to come. Greg from is back in the shop to showcase Rixxu’s all-new LED RGB Glo series seat covers in our new video.

Rixxu Glo Series LED Seat Covers with RGB Function at

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