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I've been a long-time Prius owner. I bought a Gen II over 5-years ago when I was living in Houston to drive around in heavy Houston traffic. Now I've moved to Austin and bought a house.

I've had a lot of good times in my Prius. I also own a newer model F-150 eco-boost. But my Prius, has been the best car I've ever owned. After 5 years, I've did not a single repair, with the exception of tires, brake pads, and religious 3k mile oil changes. My baby has never left me stranded.

I was considering selling the car. After-all, I now drive a semi, Monday through Thursday, Austin to Houston and back everyday. I own a new truck. I bought a pop-up camper. I take my semi home and to work and have a gas card.

My only real expense is, driving my personal truck to the coast every weekend, which cost me $125. in fuel. (I like salt water fishing every weekend.)

I'm considering turning my Prius into a full time camper for when my wife doesn't go to the coast. Instead of taking the truck, me taking the Prius and camping in my Prius. Not to mention, my wife loves running around in it and we use it for all our local short trips to the store for (I need this, I need that.)

I've been drinking a little bit too much, but I need someone to convince me here, to not sell my Prius. After-all, she's never, never let me down. I love going to the tire shop and laughing when they tell me $250.00 for new rubbers all the way around her. Please convince me not to sell my old Prius.

Maybe fuel will shoot up to $8.00 a gallon and I won't be able to afford to pull my camper to the coast, who knows?
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