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When you doggie gladly jumps into your all-new 2016 Toyota Prius, you actually have two ways:

1. Take a deep breath, let it go, and pray to have your fresh seat upholstery untouched;
2. Install our Custom Rear Seat Protector made by Canine Covers beforehand and enjoy the ride with your 4-legged co-pilot this afternoon;

By installing this custom designed seat protector, you won't only shield your seats from scratches and puncture marks, but will enhance the security of your pet as well. Featuring a grippy surface, this cover will help your pet to stay in place even while the sudden braking.

Depending on your specific application, you will be able to see all available patterns Canine Covers can offer for your '16 Prius:

Canine Covers® - Custom Rear Seat Protector at CARiD

Price: $225.00 - $295.00

*** Perfect fit for 2016 Toyota Prius / Prius C / Prius V. Available for older models as well.

- Extremely Easy Installation;
- Does Not Interfere With The Seat Belt Openings;
- Made in the USA;
- You also can get our optional “Back of the Seat” Protector for more complete protection of your interior;

Read more about Canine Covers on our web-site:

Feel free to leave your questions and price quote inquires in the comments below.
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