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I have the regular Prius 2012, The brake pedal is attached to a rod that goes into a flex boot and then into the ABS module in the Engine compartment. The Boot is leaking sticky greasy/oily fluid. It not a constant leak. Its like it leaked on a Hot day and then stopped leaking.

This is a Picture of the Leaking boot.

This is the floor mat with some of the greasy stuff on it. You can see its not a lot and it not 'new'

This is a Picture of the ABS Module. Its not the one from my car, but its what I'm calling the ABS Module.

Is this not just the lubricant for the Pedal or is this real brake fluid from the ABS module leaking into the Car?

Took it to Toyota and they said they had never seen this before and they are recommending to replace the entire ABS Module and Brake Fluid at a cost of $3346 + Tax. (roughly $2700 in parts)

Spending $3346 on a $13,000 car is still not too bad, but $2700 for the ABS Module and Brake fluid? This is also totally beyond the scope of my expertise.

Suggestions and comments welcome.

Thank you,

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I recommend looking ABOVE the boot to see what else might be leaking above it.
I do NOT think the boot itself is really leaking.

Anyhow, if you wipe it all off and it doesn't come back, I wouldn't worry about it much; certainly not to the tune of $3,000.
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