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Hi all,
I am having an issue with my 2013 Prius Bluetooth audio when connected to a Lumia 920 phone. When it advances to the next song in the list automatically, it frequently does not update the display for the current song. It stays on the last song even though the audio for the next song plays. If I pause and play the song, it will update the display. It always updates if I manually select the next song. Does anyone else have this problem?

Also, is there any way to get the car to pass voice commands to the phone? If I receive a text message, it will announce the message and allow me to respond via voice. It will not allow me to initiate a text by saying "Text" + the contacts name. So, it appears that it will allow voice interactions with the phone, but only if it is intiated by the other party. It also does not allow any other voice commands beyond those supported by the car. Is this a problem with a Windows phone or does it also not allow phone based voice commands such a Siri on an IPhone?
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