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beeping in reverse

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is there a way to disengage the constant reverse beeping or is that a dealer programmable setting only?
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I have tried on my 08' Prius and have had no success disengaging it, I have done some research and discovered that there is no way to disengage it.

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I had the dealer turn it off on the first service
I too had the dealer turn it off - he didn't even charge me.
Now it beeps once when you put it in "R".
Is there a link to a service bulletin or something that shows that this can be programmed to be turned off? I asked my dealer about a while back and they had no clue about it.

Why not have it beep on the outside so others know you are backing up? I wish I could set it that way.
Newer models don't have that at the US.

Might still be a requirement in other parts of the world.
I have a 2013 model and it has the reverse beeping.
I have a 2013 model and it has the reverse beeping.
Since it isn't in your profile.......where do you LIVE ??
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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