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Hi I am new here. My moms car is an 02 she got the triangle and check engine light 2 days ago. I scan the car with my cheap obd2 and i got a p3006 I thought it would be a bad battery cell. I open it and checked them most are 7.7 or 7.8, however 3 of them are 7.6 and one is 7.5. I called a local shop they said those cells were okay. I put it back because i found a lose connection so i was really hoping that was my problem but no ;/...Anyway i came across the inverter pump problem and i checked the fluid and it is low at the moment i did not see it flowing i don't know if this is because it is low or i need a new inverter pump. Is the water pump the same as the inverter pump or no? Any help?

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Is the water pump the same as the inverter pump or no? Any help?
No. Two different pumps.

How old is the 12 V battery ?
When it gets old and weak it can make all kinds of other false alarms show up.

Anyhow, you should not be changing ANY parts based only on a wild guess. Doing that often ends up costing you more than a repair at a shop.
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