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Autoglass envisions the windshield of 2020

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a video simulation that shows what that windshield might look like from the driver's seat. Among the displayed information is data for navigation, music, speed and fuel. The futuristic, king-of-all-head-up-displays also warns of pedestrians and an arrow even points to potential destinations.

Apparently, the windshield isn't smart enough to know that the vehicle is driving on the wrong side of the road. And if you're hoping the five-speed auto transmission will be dead and gone by 2020, it'll be alive and well, at least according to this demo.

It is quiet the interesting wind shield as it would eliminate much of the need of a dash!
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there would be less driver distraction as their would be less places to look and more of the drive just to primarily focus on the windshield.... Maybe the should of thought og this technology in the first place!
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