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Anyone starting to "summer-ize" their cars?

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Well for most people that actually have a real winter. The temperatures lately are starting to get warmer. That usually means people swapping over to summer tires or people taking their summer cars out of storage. Anyone here getting their car ready for summer or taking out their summer cars out of storage?
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im still running on winter tires. im waiting for the temps to go up a lot more before i take them off. you never know when a freak snow storm might come. :)
Mine is already out. Couldn't wait so as soon as it warmed up I took her out for a spin right away. Pretty good feeling especially after being away from her for a while.
Taking mine out in a few weeks. Just need to clean her up and get her out of storage then were good to go!!!
I'll be taking my out in a few weeks as well it still too cold for a convertible i think!
Im from Texas, so yeah I'm summerizing...Im using the A/
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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