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I recently had a chance to see Michelin's new Premier A/S and I was pretty impressed with what they've done. In order to maximize wet traction, wet handling and wet braking Michelin has designed the tread of the new Michelin Premier A/S to change/evolve as it wears. As the tire wears, its circumferential groves get wider and the sipes on both shoulders turn into new groves. By doing this the Michelin Premier A/S maintains about a 70% tread to 30% tread void throughout its life.

If you are a tire nut like I am, you'll agree... That's pretty darn cool!

In thinking more about this tire I was reminded of an experience I won't soon forget so I wrote about it here: Michelin Premier A/S - A smarter tire for the ones you love.

Are any of you planning to run the new Michelin Premier A/S (Sizes, Prices & Availability) on your Prius?

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