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Making some changes in my vehicle situation. I need something that gets great milage but I also need to be able to tow a trailer and haul stuff/people now and then.

Well, I ended up finding a great deal on a 3/4 ton 4x4 7.4L suburban. Crazy clean on the inside and typical 1999 GM paint on the outside. After a basic tune up it runs pretty well other than the 40 gallons of gas it took to fill it up.
The suburban is not the daily driver.

Then I was pretty much gifted a 2005 Prius with 131K. It has a slightly wrinkled front bumper cover, rt front fender, rt front door and some lights on the dash. Tires are Goodyear with 3/4 tread still on them. The interior is covered in stains, but I can get most of them out and or buy seat covers. The lights on the dash and the codes read in Torque Pro are P3017 and P0A80. I will post information in the proper section in a bit.

Maybe it is worth fixing...…. Maybe not...….


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