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5 Terrible Traffic Jams

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5 Terrible Traffic Jams

You think your morning commute is bad? These videos might change your mind.

Traffic jams are easily the worst thing about driving. There's nothing like having the open road ripped away from you by bumper-to-bumper traffic. That being said, chances are that you've never encountered traffic jams that are as horrific as these.These terminal cases of gridlock make America's worst bottlenecks seem like nothing. Check out these videos below if you're looking for a way to make your morning commute seem better, or if you need inspiration to begin walking to work.

This epic traffic jam stretched some 62 miles and occurred in Inner Mongolia. Drivers reportedly covered the 62 mile stretch of road in 40 hours.

Chinese Drivers Trapped in 62-Mile Traffic Jam in Inner Mongolia - YouTube

This video may have been shot with a potato, but you can still make out the horror that is traffic in Karachi, Pakistan. Hopefully all of the horn honking helped to speed things along.

Karachi Traffic Jam - June 2, 2006 - YouTube

At 31 miles, this traffic jam is technically half as bad as the one that happened in Inner Mongolia. Still, this Chinese traffic jam on the Shaanxi Highway gets points for being in place for over a month, and for being filled with irritated coal truck drivers.

Worst Traffic Jam in History - YouTube
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Ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe this Indian traffic jam. While it's a lot shorter than the other jams, this one is great simply due to the wide variety of vehicles present.

Traffic Jam-Amazing Traffic Stop road cross by cycle and bikes- India driving and traffic management - YouTube

Remember that 62 mile traffic jam? After it finally cleared up, a 75 mile traffic jam promptly took its place. Chinese truck drivers can never catch a break.

75-mile Traffic Jam in China - YouTube

5 Terrible Traffic Jams
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